Laptop Theft

Inspice Trace 4.1

No Image Inspice Trace is a laptop tracking security software that protects your data and laptop. Email you location of your laptop. Accurate and worldwide tracking. 100% privacy safe. Tamper-proof. Stealth operation. Also it lets you destroy sensitive data in your laptop with an upgrade. Laptop theft is one of the top 3 computer crimes among virus and hacking. Protect your data and laptop against theft today.

Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.11: Protection of computers and data from being stolen or used unauthorized
Notebak Anti-Theft 1.0.11

laptop is left unattended for a mere second, it can be taken - hours of valuable work is being stolen from people on a daily basis - don`t let it happen to you! Notebak will sound an alarm when the power cord is unplugged or when the laptop lid is closing, similar to the anti-theft protection on your car. You will get a webcam image of the computer thief by email, and be able to record sound from your computer`s microphone if it goes missing! Notebak

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Protegent 360-Complete Laptop Security 12: Port Locker : Notebook Data Security, Laptop Theft, Notebook Theft
Protegent 360-Complete Laptop Security 12

Port Locker - We are providing laptop tracking software, laptop theft, notebook theft, laptop data security, notebook data security, notebook tracking, lost laptop, laptop travel security, locate stolen laptop.

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MacPhoneHome 3.0: PC PhoneHome tracks and locates lost and stolen computers
MacPhoneHome 3.0

PC PhoneHome is a stealth computer security program that tracks the location of your computer every time it makes an Internet connection. When the stolen computer goes online it will send a stealth message containing its location. Recovery agents at MacPhoneHome will work with our customer, the local ISP and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover the stolen computer.

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Notebak Alarm 1.0.3: Protection of computers and data from being stolen or used unauthorized
Notebak Alarm 1.0.3

Anti-Theft and Identity Theft Protection. Alerts with sound if a computer is under attack! Get a webcam image of the intruder when away. Sound anti-theft alarm when the power cord is unplugged or laptop lid is closing. USB ports access alert. Unauthorised login attempts alert. Off-line data protection. WiFi GEO locator. Use custom sounds for alarm.

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A.L.A.R.M. 1.01: ALARM plays a loud siren if A/C adapter is removed. Laptop theft protection.
A.L.A.R.M. 1.01

A.L.A.R.M. silently sits in your system tray until you lock your workstation. If now somebody removes the A/C power connection to steal your laptop, A.L.A.R.M. will play a loud alert from your Laptop speakers until power is back again or you have unlocked your workstation. Basic theft protection if you need to leave your laptop unattended for a short period of time. Any media files can be played, a brilliant alarm siren is included. Free!

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Laptop Data Recovery Software 1.1: Easily retrieve files from laptop hard drive using laptop data recovery software
Laptop Data Recovery Software 1.1

Laptop hard drive recovery software acts as a strong laptop recovery tool to recover data deleted from laptop hard disk. This perfect laptop data recovery software will guide step by step to users that how to operate the software. Laptop data recovery software and laptop data recovery utility provides complete laptop data retrieval and allows you to get back laptop data and made strong backup laptop. Laptop recovery software supports all these brands

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